Monday, February 23, 2009

Going over the goals thus far - Finance (Goal #1)

Here is a quick reference to our 2009 goals, as originally written:
Ksquared's 2009 Goals

Financial Goal #1: Have the wedding paid off by the end of 2009
We haven't had the wedding yet, so this is still to be determined. However, by our calculations, it is easily within our bounds to reach this goal.

In fact, we have a plan to use the small amount of debt we will most likely incur to our advantage. What little we have left to pay we are going to throw onto a one-year 0% interest credit the same time, we have a few investments that are gaining between 2-4% (all liquid and enough to pay for the remainder of the balance)...Hence, we will leave the small balance on the credit card (with a great debt-to-limit ratio, helping our credit a bit) and pay off the credit card with the money after 10-11 months with a return on investment and no worse for the wear.

And of course, we have to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to the parents of the bride for their financial help as well. We had planned everything assuming it would be all on our shoulders, but Kim's parents would not allow us to do it alone and we appreciate their gift more than they will ever know.

Goal #1 Verdict?
So far, so good!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For the Retired One

Hi retired one and all of our fellow followers!!!

Yes, I missed the blog world too. It's incredible how life catches up with you and all of a sudden, a month has passed you by.The kitties are well. They love the wedding as much as Christmas. With every arriving gift is 'peanuts' to play with and boxes to jump in!

This is a busy week. Tomorrow we are taking engagement photos with Tina ( our lifesaving photographer who came to our rescue when our original photographer moved away. Then on Friday, I am getting my dress sized. I'm actually anxious about it because with our healthier lifestyle, I have dropped two dress sizes. And lastly, Saturday we are meeting with the Rev. to talk about the ceremony details.

I still haven't started my vows. Does anyone have any suggestions???

Monday, February 16, 2009

Missing Y'all!

My goodness!!! I apologize for our absence. The wedding plans have proved time consuming to say the least.

We reviewed the candidates for the Jan charity contribution and would like to thank everyone who commented. We have decided to give to both charities ( American Cancer Society & Voice of the Martyrs) listed in our comments section.

On our 2009 goal list, Krag was retested for cholesterol and we are excited to say it has DROPPED!!!! And dropped drastically!!! We are so excited. A healthy balanced diet really works wonders. (Now the trick will be eating at home consistently for the long term; as I write that, Krag is walking in with Carne Asada Tortas, soo bad but ohh sooo good).

Again, I apologize for the absence but we will be back and busy again shortly!!